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Kailash Manasarover Yatra from Lhasa 2020

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Kailash Manasarover Yatra from Lhasa 2020

Kailash Manasarover Yatra from Lhasa 2020. Tibet one of those extraordinary destination where indeed adventure lurks around every corner! Adventure on the road is never short on the beautiful rans-Himalayan drive, through mountain, passes, promising a panorama of a cultural and scenic diversity unsurpassed anywhere. It culminates on an arid plateau – a veritable treasure trove of architectural masterpieces – the Buddhist monasteries of Drepung, once the largest in the country The Jhokhang – a spiritual center, and the awesome palaces of the Dalai Lama – Norbulinga (the summer palace) and the Potala (the traditional seat). Ancient Barkhor Bazaar still barters the bric — a — brac, in a region that’s not so much a little strange as utterly surreal.

Pilgrimage to Manasarover and the Holy Mt. Kailash Mt. Kailash claimed to be the apex of the Hindu religious axis is also one of the highest mountains in Tibet at 22,022 feet, and Lake Manasarover at 14,950 feet is said to be the highest fresh water lake in the world. Certainly, a difficult region to reach due to the variable and extreme weather conditions. The distance from Lhasa for example is approximately 2000 km. Only during the last few years have lots of ordinary and not so ordinary travelers, been able to experience this region. Road conditions are difficult much of the time and we have to make many preparations to ensure that we have a reasonable chance of reaching Kailash. We need to bring our own food and camping equipment. Basic lodges and tea-houses can be found but the plateau is so remote that it is possible to travel for several days without finding food available. To travel for days on this remote plateau with the chance encounters of nomads herding their sheep or yaks is to be transformed into another way of life, to see and become part of such a devout pilgrimage as shown by pilgrims around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarover is to put some aspects of our western way of life into proper perspective.

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